"BD Eyes" review: This album "Abnormal Parasite" is a great
exampleof what the music industry is lacking. An eclectic mix
of ideas from deep inside the mind. These songs have substance
and a refreshing effect on the ears to counteract the pus that fills
modern radio programming.The emotion has made the trip from
mind to hands to instruments and microphones and has been
preserved in digital format. It is therapeutic to the mind and soul.

"Jstroz" review: Abnormal Parasite is an album that hits you like a
ton of bricks from start to finish. Each track is unique in sound,
structure, and message. Recnac is flat out brilliance in intensity
and catharsis. Dilate mind, Mophead, Eye of a fly are all equally
as strong. This whole album will not let you down. An extraordinary
feat considering it is the brainchild of ONE man. Pure and true talent.
A must buy!!!!!

"budweezer" review: Clear cut sound, powerful lyrics, speaks of
truth, honor and reality. All songs are innovative,entice your ears
and mind with this NEW SOUND.....EXCELLENT.

"Dan" review: I like the harmonies/vocals and lyrics especially.
My fav songs are swallow, stiff and kill insane.
5 star because every song is good without any filler songs.
Good stuff.

"L36A13T" Review: Legit songs
I like the raw uncut sound. The songs are top notch.
I listen to this album a lot.


"Unmade's Music Feels Like The Atmosphere Between Earth And Space"

Dethra "Adamal" Abcat -Vocals,Guitar

Nico Lesty-Bass
Lou Eligant-Drums

Unmade- "Existing without having been made or created"

Unmade's Sound incorporates hard rock to alternative metal
with harmonized vocals and acoustic elements. Approaching
music with experimentation in mind along with innovative
structure and thought provoking lyrics.

They released their first album Abnormal Parasite in 2012 and
have since released one more EP In Between in 2016.

     Growing up in southern Colorado Dethra was influenced by
his dad 'pipes'. Hearing pipes record and play live had a
major affect on him. Pipes and Debby (Dethras mom) had a band
called Sticker while Dethra was growing up. He would fall alseep
to pipes recording music in the basement often and was around
band practice with his brothers. In his late teens Dethra starting
putting songs together in pipes garage on an old four track recorder.
“He was a natural, the ideas came pretty fast. He was able
to come up with good ideas right away” says pipes. "Its a direct
result from seeing and absorbing the passion my dad had for music
as I was growing up" says Dethra. Dethra, his brother Clint and pipes
formed a band shortly after called Tripod. The band played shows
all around the Colorado area.

“Music is meant to be interpreted by each person in their own
way and applied to what's going on in their life or what they believe
in”. “Being a true artist is about being yourself not about trying to fit
in and do what everyone else does just to be accepted”.

-Dethra Abcat




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